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Styling Cues

Kimberly Monaghan

Hi Friend!

Let’s talk style cues. If you are new to them, I define them as the small details that say that your outfit is uniquely you, and that it is complete. Style cues done correctly make people think, “Wow, you are super put together.”

I wear mostly jeans and t-shirts around my friends, and I often get, “Why are you so dressed up?” First, I always take this as a compliment because I would always prefer to be overdressed, but secondly, that question has nothing to do with the actual clothes I am wearing, but how I am wearing them.

I have styling cues that I use everyday that are signatures, even when I am running errands, because you never know who you are going to meet. I always want to be remembered in a good way, not the bad meme on the internet kind of way. I also have other styling cues that depend on the day our the outfit.

My everyday styling cues include:


1. Rocking my white streak.

It started as a super small streak when I was 17, and has been expanding ever since. I feel weird if my hair is up in such a way that you can’t see it.

2. Rolled Sleeves.

I work and talk with my hands. For me this cue is casual, approachable, and functional.

3. Lipstick.

Even if I am wearing no other make-up, putting on lipstick makes me feel more me. I want my smile to be SEEN, because my teeth deserve it after all of those years in hiding behind braces.

4. A simple necklace and rings.

I feel naked without them, and each piece I wear tells a story about me or my family, so they mean a lot to me.


My sometimes cues include:


1. The French Tuck.

A french tuck is a teeny tiny single tuck in just the front or one side of your pants. I am a high waisted jeans girl, and I like to show off my waist, so I do a little french tuck with my tops to show off my waist and add a little polish to my outfit.

2. A Bandana.

At my going away party at Target, my team had a “dress like Kim” theme, and so they all wore bandanas, so clearly, I do it pretty often. I like the nostalgic feel of them and how they dress up a casual outfit.

3. A Jacket or Blazer.

One day I will do a whole post on my jacket collection. Seriously, it is immense, but I love how it dresses up an outfit instantly and it makes people take you seriously like a magic “I have cred” wand.

4. Statement Shoes.

Statement shoes make me so happy. Seriously, shoes are the most looked over part of outfitting, and I love when a shoe can carry the whole outfit. To me, a fun speaks to my playful side.


What styling cues do you use, that tell people who you are and what you are about? If you don’t have any, hit me up, and we will work on it together!