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The Best Laid Plans

Kimberly Monaghan

Hi Friend!

So I told myself that once I started this company that I would not buy any new clothes other than underwear, socks, and emergencies. It seemed pretty straight forward, and I figured it would be a while before I needed something. Boy, I was wrong. So, this kiddo right here started kindergarten four weeks after I started The Wardrobe Refinery. She needed to wear a uniform, and I am a planner, so I had been hoarding uniforms for her for months trying to find all of the right pieces. She was growing out of all of her size 5’s at this point, so I got her all sixes, and then made a fatal Mom error. I never had her try them on.

Come to the first morning of school, and the only thing that fit her was this dress. Everything else was falling off of her, because apparently uniforms live in some alternate universe where they don’t fit like her other clothes.


My kiddo in the only thing that fit her.

Thank goodness she was not naked.

I ended up at Target dropping $90 on brand new uniform clothes so that my daughter would not be naked, and I would not be arrested.

There are two lessons here. The first is that you have to go easy on yourself when you are making big change in your life and in the world, because sometimes ish happens, and as the beautiful problem solving survivor that you are, you roll with the punches. Secondly, it is super important when making a decision like, “I will never buy brand new clothes again”, that you give yourself some wiggle room, just in case.

I want you to know that I will forever be transparent with you guys. The struggle is real, and we are in it together. I also most definitely cried that morning, less because my daughter is growing up, and more because putting a piece of your heart on a bus with a stranger and hoping for the best was a really new feeling for me. Ok, the growing up thing got me, too.


Insert tears here.

then I went to Target.