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Fail Friday

Kimberly Monaghan

Hi Friends,

Something I used to do when I was a Design Manager was start every team meeting sharing something I failed at that week. I did that because I think it is really important that we celebrate the ability to try something new, fail, learn, dust ourselves off, and try again. if you are failing, then you are trying something new and exciting, and I always wanted my team to feel safe to share the crazy ideas and put themselves out there- that is where innovation and magic happen.

I am going to reinstate that with “Fail Fridays”. I am going to share with you something I failed at because I think there is magic in sharing it out loud- it really helps with the “dusting off” process.

Here it goes.

I hired a coach to help me push my business to the next level. One of the promises I made to her was that I when I got uncomfortable and felt like something we were doing was crossing a boundary I would tell her right then and there.

I am known for not saying anything if I can’t say it with kindness. I take a lot of time mulling over my feelings and how to share something in a kind way. I told her that in our relationship I wouldn’t do that.

Then I did just that.

We were talking about sales funnels, and I totally shut down on her. Some of what she was saying was not resonating with me, and I didn’t tell her. I just got uncomfortable instead of sharing that what she was saying was not working for me, and that we should figure out what was going on TOGETHER.

It took me a couple of days to tell her what I what was going on and how I was feeling. In doing that, I took all of the problem solving and ownership on myself instead of trusting someone else to share it, and I let someone step on my boundaries without saying anything.

But what AWESOME thing did I learn from that? I learned what it feels like in my body when someone steps past one of my boundaries, and I was able to point it out and call it that.


Look at this cute little boundary… so adorable!

Look at this cute little boundary… so adorable!

Well, now you stepped on it. That is definitely not cute anymore.

Well, now you stepped on it. That is definitely not cute anymore.

So now my boundaries and I are getting intimately acquainted, which is wonderful.

Speaking of wonderful, if you are in need of a coach, I work with the wonderful Meg Cerney who specializes in helping women unleash in their businesses. You can follow her adventures at @meg_cerney , or join her free Facebook group at