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Cancer Sucks

Kimberly Monaghan

Hi friend,

If you couldn’t tell by the title, I am warning you now- I talk a bit about cancer. If you don’t want to hear it, I totally get it, but then you should probably stop here.

Over the weekend I flew out to see my mom and give her a closet clean-out experience. This one was not so much about personal style and how she wanted to look in her clothes, as how she wanted to feel. She needed it to be easier to get ready in the morning because she has stage four metastatic breast cancer, which is unfortunately a terminal and exhausting illness.

Up until this point my mom had been getting dressed every morning out the laundry basket because she couldn't get to her clothes, and just the act of trying was physically exhausting.

The laundry basket “pile method”

The laundry basket “pile method”

As we were cleaning out, I realized we were getting rid of a lot of her “Survivor” cancer walk t-shirts from her first go-around with breast cancer. I asked her why, and she said, “Because I don’t feel like a survivor.” She explained to me that she knows that technically she is still a survivor, but it feels different now that her disease came back, and this time it is terminal.

Crazy how a t-shirt can make it so real.

So, we got rid of her suits that she loved from her working days, and we got rid of dresses that used to make her feel sexy, and we got rid of those survivor shirts. We left the things that made her feel good and empowered to go about her day- the soft dresses, the colorful t-shirts with her favorite things on them, and the cozy leggings. We even made a drawer with just her sports team shirts so they are easy to find on game day.

She was so excited to get dressed in the morning, and she told me that she couldn’t believe how much easier it was. She just had to pluck out what she wanted and put it on. No searching. No digging. Just getting dressed without the exhaustion.

That is empowering.

My mom may not be rocking her slinky half shirts or mini skirts from the 80’s (yes, my mom was that hot 80’s mom), but she is still so gorgeous. Also, our closet clean-out wasn’t all serious. Cleaning out these gems had us laughing the whole time.

I don’t know if these are more 80’s or “Clueless”, but they are GREAT!

Also, seriously, isn’t she beautiful?! Cancer sucks, but my mom is a bad-ass warrior woman.

Kimberly Mongoham_IMG_2644_06_18_2018-(ZF-10154-48088-1-011).jpg

I really didn’t realize the impact this would have on my mom’s every day life. In dedication to her, I would like to give away one closet clean-out experience to someone who is going through cancer or something similar and needs a clean-out to feel empowered to get dressed in the morning. Sometimes the little things can make a big difference, and bring us so much joy. Contact me if you think you are someone you know would like this experience this holiday season!