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Being the "Youiest" You

Kimberly Monaghan

Hi Friend,

I had someone ask me about styling services a few weeks ago. He asked if I dress people the way I want them to look based on my style.

I will be honest, I sat there kind of appalled for a second, with a total normal look on my face, while inside, I was thinking, “IS THAT A THING PEOPLE DO?!” You are probably thinking, that is not that big of a deal, but to me the idea of imposing my personal style one someone is just not ok. Then he told me that his significant other liked to dress him in clothes that she chose because she didn’t like his style.

I hear this a lot.

People getting covered up by another person’s idea of what they should look like and how they should show up. It is super well meaning, and has the best of intentions, but that is how we get lost. Next thing you know, you go to get dressed, and you don’t recognize your clothes, or yourself, and you are wondering what else you have given up to be someone else’s ideal.

I do personal styling because I want to peel back the layers so you can be even more of yourself. I want you to walk into a room, and for people to see so much of you that that they are in awe. I mean, don’t be naked because you could get arrested, but be the youiest you there is, so when people see you they go ,”Woah.”

be the youiest you there is

You are awesome the way you are, and you are meant to have a positive impact on this world, but you can’t do that when you are showing up as someone else.

So, go be you, you badass, and I will see you in the studio for that personal styling or closet clean-out appointment when you are ready.  


Justin Grant Of The Power of Pop Music

This guy is a great example of so authentically being yourself. He is so him, and I love that you can see that confidence shine through when you meet him, and when you hear him speak. If you haven’t already, start listening to his podcast! It is so fun, and a must listen if you love music.