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The Truth About Closet Clean-Outs

Kimberly Monaghan

Hi Friend,

One of my favorite things that I do here at the Wardrobe Refinery are closet clean-outs, mostly because of that free and joyful feeling my clients get when they know everything in their closet speaks to who they are. I LOVE that. I also feel like I should tell them to engage in some self care afterwards, because getting rid of the thing that we accumulate is more than just a physical act. It is deeply emotional.

Doesn’t this empty closet fill you with all the feels?

Doesn’t this empty closet fill you with all the feels?

There are two really common things that make letting go so freaking hard.

The first is an attachment to the person you used to be. I totally get that, because they were awesome. They made you who you are. I mean, look how cute that pregnant lady is?! As much as I love remembering that time, she just isn’t me anymore, and that is ok.

Ah. That is more like it. This picture feels like me… and you know what? In ten years, this might not feel like me, and that is ok, too.


Every moment of your gorgeous life you are peeling back the layers and becoming more and more of yourself. It is ok to let go of the old you. I do not mean that you should get rid of things that are sentimental, because those things make you feel GOOD. What I mean is, having things in your home and your closet that make you feel tied to someone you are not anymore have got to go. You have cool shit to do. You do not need to be weighed down emotionally by things that aren’t serving you anymore.

The other thing I hear during a closet clean-out is, damn, this all used to be money.


That is really hard for people, but holding onto those things that aren’t you anymore doesn’t magically turn it back into money, and let’s be honest here, we have a really weird relationship with money anyway, so let’s bust that up.

Know that the money you spent then served you. It put food on someone’s table, it bought you clothes you felt good in, and it served its purpose. If you let it go with love, it will come back to you. Think of it as potential energy. It is all locked up WAITING for you to let it go, so it can manifest something new for you. Potential energy can’t do anything until it gets a little push, and you my friend, are the push.

One of my clients reached out to me to let me know that this WORKS. If you just think, “It is coming back to me.” It does.

If you are ready to let go, and fully step into who you are today, I am here for you friend. Book your closet clean-out today, and let’s do this!