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Giving for The Wardrobe Refinery

Kimberly Monaghan

Hi Friend!

We have been in business for almost a month, and when we launched, we made that month about giving to The Bridge for Youth. You guys were so generous by donating packaged undies, and I pledged to give $1 from every sale in September. That total came to $45. It is not a ton, but I am hoping that what we give will compound over time, because I have decided that The Bridge will be the center of giving for The Wardrobe Refinery, and that we will continue to give $1 for every sale we make.

For those who do not know, The Bridge for Youth is an organization that supports homeless youth by providing basic services like shelter and medical care, as well as services like education, counseling, and job training. Last year, the Bridge provided housing, crisis counseling, support groups and other services to over 15,000 youth and families. Talk about a HUGE impact.

The reason why I chose The Bridge is because I started the Wardrobe Refinery to lift people up and help them to see the best of themselves, and I feel that the Bridge does the same thing by offering really important life skills and support to people who need it. Also, I work in clothing, so I can meet a basic and important need in our community. It feels like a perfect fit to me.

On any given night, 6,000 Minnesota youth experience homelessness.  This includes 2,500 minors and 3,500 youth ages 18-24*. Those numbers are hard to look at, but I feel better knowing that there are organizations like The Bridge making a difference, and that the story doesn’t have to end there. With support, each one of those kids could end up in a boardroom, or a classroom, or the head of a non-profit that will change this world and the people in it. That is a future I can get behind.

The full basket of underwear that you guys donated. This made such a huge difference for youth in need!

The full basket of underwear that you guys donated. This made such a huge difference for youth in need!

*stats taken from The Bridge for Youth website