The Wardrobe Refinery

style without the carbon footprint



We are an inclusive and fun personal styling service for all ages.


Our goal is To help you define and refine your personal style so you can show up as your best self, everyday.

We offer a few different services, like personal styling where we build one-of-a-kind collections of like-new thrifted finds based on your personal style and size preferences. We also provide closet clean-out services, and minor clothing repair so that you can love some of your favorite items again after a little TLC.

We want to make sure that while you are being your best self everyday, that other people have an see the fire inside of you, too. Everyone should have the opportunity to get a job they love that fuels their passion, so we also offer classes for interview and job prep to make sure you get a seat at the table.


Who are our services for?


Personal Styling

If you need some help to define your style, don’t have time to shop for yourself, or just want a fun new way to shop for clothes — this service is for you.


Interview and Job Preparation

This is a class for anyone who wants to get an edge in the interview process. It is especially great for high school and college students who are just going on their first interviews and need some preparation.



Closet Clean-Out

If you open up your closet and see a million things, but still think to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!”, this service is for you.


Minor Clothing Repair

This is an add-on service to closet clean-out and personal styling. We are here to help you love your clothes, and to love the way you look in them. Sometimes a little TLC is just the thing!


I have been doing subscription based apparel services for years now. I’ve been a member of some with personal shoppers, some style based, but working with Kim is an amazingly refreshing way to get your wardrobe on point! She delivers options you know you wouldn’t have selected shopping by yourself! If you are looking for someone who can update your wardrobe with the intention of finding fresh ways to bring the PAST to the PRESENT, Kim is it!
— Le’Spencer Walker
I have received two collections from The Wardrobe Refinery, both have ended up replacing my normal staples. Three pair of pants, four shirts, and two jackets are now my go-to’s.
And that all of it together cost less than a normal pair of jeans is worth trying it out.
Please get in touch with them, and you will not be disappointed.
— Ryland Cronk